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Swiss Radio 简介

Listen to the most popular Swiss radio stations in only one application.
Wherever you are, in Switzerland or abroad, at work or at home, in your car or in your bed, this application allows you with one click to enjoy your favorite radio.
Its interface ergonomics is both intuitive and easy to use. In one click, you can select or change your station.

– Swiss Radios Application runs in the background listening and allows you to do other activities whilst continuing to listen your favorite station
– The sleeping Timer will allow you to automatically stop the radio while sleeping.
– Manage your radio list easily, modify the order or hide undesirable radio.

the available radio stations are :
– La première (RTS1)
– Espace (RTS2)
– Couleur (RTS3)
– Option Musique
– SRF 1
– SRF 2 kultur
– SRF 3
– SRF 4 news
– SRF Virus
– SRF Musikwelle
– Neo eins
– Neo zwei
– RSI Rete Uno
– RSI Rete Due
– RSI Rete Tre
– World Radio Switzerland
– Swiss Jazz
– Swiss Classic
– Swiss Pop
– Energy Swiss
– Lausanne FM
– Rouge FM
– Radio Rumantsch
– Kaiseregg
and more …

Warning : this application requires an Internet connection and depends on the radio broadcast. Some stations can be temporarily unavailable

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