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– Importance of checkers –
Checkers (also known as Draughts) is one of the ancient games in the world. Checkers has become increasingly popular. Checkers can teach important pre-math and life skills, such as cause and effect, logical thinking, reasoning, a sense of confidence, a self-worth and the communication skills.

••• Why Checkers Prime? •••
Checkers Prime is one of the best designed checkers games for the iPad / iPhone. It provides learning support for novice players, a real challenge for the experienced players and fun.

Checkers Prime supports both ‘one player’ and ‘two player’ game play, so you can play against your friends or against a challenging computer opponent.

You can even start your game from different position that allows you to test your skills in different game phases, common positions, solve checkers puzzles, etc. Also you can save your game and then re-load it anytime you want.

If you are novice player you may take advantage of the feature that shows all legal moves for current piece.

-The full list of features:-
• Excellent graphics, sound effects and music
• Configurable player names
• Great AI engine with a flexible difficulty level that suits both novice players and experts
• Versatile openings
• SETUP game: Start the game from any desirable position with any number of pieces
• UNDO function if you accidentally hit wrong piece or square.
• REDO function if you missed the opponent’s move. Just press EYE button and Checkers Prime will show you the last opponent’s move.
• SAVE / LOAD feature gives you an opportunity to finish the game later or to play the checkers puzzle which you can setup in the “Setup Game” module.
• Option to show the LEGAL MOVES for current piece (very useful for novice players)
• Option to ROTATE the board in ‘two player’ mode.
• Option to limit ‘think time’ in ‘one player’ mode to 5, 15 or 30 seconds
• Option to choose piece color: Red/Black, Red / White or White / Black
• Option to choose first move
• Option to enable / disable forced captures
• Option to switch on / off sound effects and / or music
• Automatically saves the current state of the game, so the game state would be automatically restored if you quit the application
• Universal app (supports iPad / iPod touch / iPhone)

Checkers Prime plays accordingly to the American Checkers / English Draughts rules.


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